How to Fake a Lie Detector Test

In this article, we will explain the steps and requirements needed to Fake a Lie Detector Test. Hundreds of clients have learnt How to Fake a Lie Detector Test over the past 6 years and we taught them how!

Why are Polygraph Tests Stressful?

The first step in learning How to Fake a Lie Detector Test is to remain relaxed. This is often much harder than it appears for several reasons. Firstly, a polygraph examination is a very stressful process. The subject is connected to various sensors measuring every little body reaction, from breathing and heart rate, to sweat and pulse. This alone is a very alarming situation. 

The second reason a polygraph examination is stressful is the huge implications the result will have. Polygraph examinations are used to determine whether a relationship will continue, whether you will get employment, or to prove that you are innocent. The countless examples of people taking a polygraph and the results returning incorrect is alarming. Although a Polygraph Examination is a science, it is not exact and rely heavily on the judgement of the examiner. 

How to Fake a Lie Detector Test

Once you understand the implications the polygragh result will have on your relationship, character and financial status, you will righly be nervous. This is a good thing as it shows you are human and have emotion and feelings. 

Step 1: Answer with simple “Yes” or “No” answers. Resist the temptation to explain your answers or to go into details.

Step 2: Don’t admit anything relevant. No matter what the polygraph sensors report, there is nothing more certain than your confession. The job of polygraphers is to extract confessions, don’t make it easy!

Step 3: Answer questions firmly, seriously, and with no hesitation. This is not the time to joke or be clever with your answers. The examiner will catch you out. You want to appear earnest, cooperative and resolute.

Step 4: Breathe normally at all times, except when asked the control questions. You should maintain a breathing rate of 15-30 breaths per minute. Try not to breathe deeply, this can give it away!

Step 5: When answering the control questions, think of something mentally stressful. If you artificially worry yourself when answering a control question, when you should appear normal and not stressed, you can modify the results of your test. If successful, your “normal” responses appear the same as the responses that should worry you. 

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