Fake Lie Detector Results

This article explains the steps involved to order Fake Lie Detector Results. The Fake Polygraph Report itself is briefly described, along with the typical time frame for receiving it.

How it Works

We have designed the whole process to be as simple and authentic as possible. Our processes have been tried and tested hundreds of times, being refined and improved over the past 5 years. The result is a perfect process and truly authentic looking report.

To order, complete our Online Order Form with your personal details, questions and answers. Within 1 business hour, our team will create your Fake Lie Detector Results PDF, add your details to the real polygraph company database and send your report.

Our fake polygraph report comes with our real company branding and contact details. If your partner calls or emails the real polygraph company, the customer service team will verify your results and that you did indeed take a polygraph exam with us.

Order Fake Lie Detector Results

Our fake polygraph reports are simple to order. Our website, https://www.fakeliedetectortest.com/ contains our online order form, along with our FAQ which details the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

What do the Fake Lie Detector Results look like?

The report our team generate is 4-5 pages long. It is extremely analytical in nature and describes in detail the equipment that was used, the process, the questions and answers. The report also details our real company branding, logo, website and phone number.

Truly Realistic Fake Polygraph Experience

Alongside our $60 / £45 Fake Lie Detector Test reports, we offer Bespoke Fake Polygraph Tests. These include the report detailed in this article, along with the whole “setting up the exam” procedure.

To find out more information on our Bespoke Fake Polygraph Tests, visit https://www.fakeliedetectortest.com/bespoke

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