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Fake Polygraph Test provides clients with a confidential and professional Fake Polygraph Exam. Our clients visit use our services for a range of issues including infidelity, family problems and issues at work.

Our online order form allows clients to detail and tailor their Fake Polygraph, creating a bespoke a truly unique report. Our team review all questions, checking for any spelling mistakes, or editing the questions slightly, as would a real Polygraph Examiner taking a real test.

Payments are processed using our payment partner, PayPal, meaning our site is 100% secure and no financial information is entered into our site or servers. Working with PayPal gives our clients further piece of mind that their transaction is secure and information safe.

Fake Polygraph offer a truly confidential service, with no information shared with third-parties. Should your partner or colleague wish to confirm that the test took place, they would call the company listed on the Fake Polygraph Certificate, or visit the website, and our team will confirm the test and results. A real polygraph company appears on the polygraph exam report and the report is sent from the real company email account.

Research has shown that the accuracy of the latest computerised polygraph tests is 98%. There are several key qualities that are important in order to achieve this level of accuracy. Our fake polygraph service has been specifically designed to replicate these industry standards and expectations, creating a truly believable service.

In the past 75 years, over 250 studies have been conducted on the validity, accuracy and reliability of polygraph testing.

Based on twelve separate studies involving 2,174 real cases since 1980, evidence suggests that qualified field polygraph examiners are 98% accurate in their overall decisions. In the UK, polygraph (lie detector) testing is increasingly used outside of the courts system by employers and private individuals.

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