Reasons Why A Fake Lie Detector Could Save Your Relationship

The Lie Detector Test has been internationally recognised as a psychological tool or instrument which enables a trained examiner to strategically interrogate a subject person to determine the truth. Historically, the test was used for detecting criminal activity and with advancements in technology means that the test has now been adapted to private matters such as matrimonial affairs, cheating and private theft matters.

This article explores the 5 reasons why you can use the test in matters where the marriage has reached a loggerhead position. The tendency is that by that point trust and physical relations have broken down. The your word against their word can often be a signal that there is a clear divide. Yet, by resolving matters of truth and clearing the air we have seen many couples move on into their most successful period of the relationship.

1) If there are children involved

Where there are children involved the disolution of the marriage can be promblematic and open up a whole set of new woes based on financial, child care and paternity disputes. The Lie Detector Test can be conducted on both parties where the truth about such accusations as cheating or sexual contact can be quietly verified away from the family court process.

2) If there is no third party involved

If there is no physical person in the accusations e.g. If John is accused of cheating but Julie is unaware of who but has an instinctive feeling. These scenarios are hard to decipher as their is a lack of evidence to substantiate the claim. However, with the polygraph type of the test any signs of deception can be detected.

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