How to get a Fake Lie Detector Test

Looking to order a Fake Lie Detector Test? Good news! The guide below outlines How to Get a Fake Lie Detector Test.

If you are looking to buy a fake lie detector test, we understand you must be experiencing upset and difficulties. With this in mind, we have developed the most simple and easy to use order process.

How to Get a Fake Lie Detector Test

Our Online Order Form has been designed to be simple and easy to use. You are able to order a Fake Lie Detector Certificate using your phone, tablet or computer. 

Our Online Order Form asks you to detail the test date, time and location. The form also asks you to specify the questions you would like to appear on the report, along with any special instructions. 

Once you have filled in the online order form, you will be directed to our payment page. This is a secure link, with all payments processed by PayPal.

Cost of Fake Polygraph Test

The cost of a fake polygraph certificate is $60 / £45. We have created this price to ensure our services are accessible to everyone, without a large financial burden. 

Where can I Get a Fake Lie Detector Test?

We offer fake lie detector tests nationwide. Thanks to our IT-Team, we are able to offer real polygraph examinations throughout the UK, Ireland, US and Canada.

Our online system enables our team to know where you are calling from, providing you with the correct details relating to your location. 

Call our Team

Looking to discuss your situation or test details with our team before ordering? Our UK-Based team are available by phone and email 7 days a week, ready to answer any question you have. All information shared is handling with the upmost professionalism. We also promise not to store your personal details on a database to later be used for marketing or promotional purposes – we strongly disagree with people that do this. 

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