Can a Polygraph Test be Cheated?

Polygraph testing has always been a controversial matter for all kinds of reasons. The most known controversy regards the devices accuracy as well as the possibility of cheating the results of the test. The lie detector produces it’s results based on the measurement of blood pressure, pulse, breathing or sweating. One can generally say that the polygraph is responsible for measuring the basic functions and operations of our body. A licensed examiner is responsible for the appropriate interpretation of the results of the polygraphs measurements and based on the differences found, certain conclusions are made concerning the fact whether the examined is telling the truth or not. This would mean, that the accuracy of the test depends greatly on the examiner. Which in some ways is true. The negative side of the polygraph test is that it is a form of an interrogation. For some people, especially innocent ones, this can prove to be extremely stressful, that on the other hand can have a significant influence on the results of the lie detector test, which in some cases could suggest that the innocent person examined is actually guilty. But there is no need to worry, a professionally trained examiner is able to determine whether a person is stressed because of the fact that he or she is lying or because of the fact that they are overwhelmed with the given situation.

Despite this, the minimum accuracy of the test results is said to be at least 65%. So is it possible to actually intentionally falsify a lie detector test? For a normal citizen this is practically impossible. As mentioned earlier, the polygraph measures the most basic parameters of our body. And as much as we can control our breathing or the way we speak some features of our body may appear to be less controllable for us than we think. That is why some differences are possible to be found. Some anomalies in our body happen without our control and are practically impossible for us to be stopped. It is because of the factors that we can not control or in some cases of which we do not even have the knowledge of that make the polygraph an accurate device. For some time of course there have been opinions that cheating a polygraph is fairly easy. The only think one must do is swallow a sedative or place a drawing pin in one’s shoe and when a lie is being said, press your foot on the pin to deny the polygraph the possibility of discovering your fraud. These methods used to be true and effective but a long time ago. Professionally trained examiners are now capable of a quick and easy discover of such tricks. Of course there are situations in which a lie detector test can be cheated with even the best examiner. That would require ones possibility to fully control their body.

This ability is very difficult to attain, and takes years of training and practice before it is fully usable. Some people connected with secret services are specially trained for this ability in case of any kidnapping or capturing. It is vital for them to be able to keep their countries classified information safe. The art of controlling your body to this kind of extent is a great secret and not many people get to ever touch this kind of science. So the chances of such a well trained person taking part in a typical criminal or love affair polygraph test are so small, that they can not be taken into account when preparing accuracy statistics of the polygraph. So there is practically no chance for a normal citizen to intentionally cheat a polygraph exam. Some persons may not be capable of undergoing a polygraph exam, for example people with psychological disorders, but remember that every person undergoes medical examination before each polygraph test, which determines whether a person can or cannot be tested. Today’s examiners are the best in their field and thanks to using up-to-date equipment, professional teams cause the accuracy level to be as high as possible.

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